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Blog Beginnings – Chisel Challenge 2010 (on WordPress)

And it Began…….

Okay… case y’all were wonderin’…here’s a little background on how my desire to Blog came about. I’ve been into “Fitness” for a number of years…..ever since I started Jazzercise® my senior year at Clemson (1992) – ya know tryin’ to shed those excess college girl pounds so I could present my best “self” as I jumped on the career path. My first Fitness Mentor worked with me to site current health screening information and monitor the improvement from a physical fitness standpoint, nutrition and basic medical perspective. A very good overall learning experience regarding the relationship between the three categories.

Post Clemson I moved to the metropolis of Clinton, SC – the commencement of my career – I lived across the street from the YMCA where I kept up my workout routine. It was there that I met my second Fitness Mentor whom encouraged me to get a Group Fitness Instructor Certification, which I did, with the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) back in 1993.

It was at this point that my appreciation for bodybuilding began. I tucked that intrigue into the back of my mind until 2010.

A NEW Appreciation Becomes Inspiration…

A a few months after graduating from my Masters Program in 2007, I took a celebratory trip to the beautiful land of India, but unfortunately upon my return to the States, was hospitalized for 15 days with an undiagnosed illness. The recovery time took about two years and I spent the third year rebuilding my fitness level. As I regained my stamina, I also gained a New Appreciation for the gift of HEALTH!

This New Appreciation led to the inspiration of training for the New York Marathon, but when I did not gain entry into the event via the Lottery, I decided to put my intrigue of the sport of Body Building into action. A friend of mine’s brother who competes in Body Building gave me Marie Ann Newman’s (IFBB Professional Figure Competitor / Fitness Model) information. I e-mailed her, we scheduled an appointment to meet face to face to discuss the possibilities / potential, I attended a show as per her recommendation, after which we determined that Women’s Body Building was the best category for my physique, and as of June 21, 2010 I became a proud member of the Custom Fitness DREAM TEAM!!

The Next step was booking a competition on my calendar and beginning the Training Journey. All sights became set on a September 18, 2010 competition…giving me 13 weeks to train. This was basically enough time to reveal the muscle I had, as opposed to building more lean muscle mass.

Since this was a NEW JOURNEY for me, I thought it would be cool to have folks join me throughout the whole experience and thus my  “Chisel Challenge – One Woman Defined” blog hit the internet!

A year later I was Divinely Inspired with the MoJoTiVatioN® biz concept, but at the time was unaware that I could have set up the MoJoTiVatioN® website using WordPress® as well. So, I purchased my domain name and built the website on GoDaddy®. When I decided to totally overhaul the MoJoTiVatioN® website at the tail end of 2016, I discovered that WordPress® had joined forces with GoDaddy® and have now consolidated the Main Website, Shop and Blog!! In other words, folks can simply type in and have access to all three components via the main website Home Page tabs.

That said, older Posts are still accessible via Open invitation to read or re-read them over there until I “bring’em” over here!

I appreciate y’all reading this condensed version of the story and look forward to y’all traveling with me as the MoJoTiVatioN® Journey continues!!

Stay Strong & Share Your Strength!