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Savah the Salmon Flavor!!!

Salmon Shame

Some people out there have no love for Salmon. NONE! I tell you.

In fact, the world is full of “Salmon Haters”. It’s a cryin’ shame!

My feeble fish-lovin’ mind lacks the comprehension necessary to understand such “Fisdain”!

I mean what’s NOT to LOVE!!!!????

Salmon is chock full of Omega 3’s makin’ it heart healthy and it’s high in protein! (Make sure you get WILD caught)

If properly prepared, it should NOT have a “Fishy” flavah, which is most  often voiced Salmon Haters complaint.

Here’s a simple way to ENJOY a truly LOVEABLE fish……

Five Star Salmon


Olive Oil (Spritzed enough to cover the skillet pan surface)

WILD caught Salmon (ALASKAN, not “Atlantic”)

That’s ALL you need!

The KEY is the SUPER HOT skillet that has SUPER HOT Olive oil in it!

I can’t stress that factor enough!

To test the oil temperature to ensure it is indeed hot enough, you might throw in a piece of diced onion.

If it sizzles immediately, then your good to go with adding the Salmon to the pan.

Next key point.

Place the fish SKIN SIDE on the pan (so that the fish flesh is what you see).


That’s right just step away, or set a timer for 5 minutes and come back (I mean don’t go far) but just DON’T touch the fish until the 5 minutes are up!

After the 5 minutes, test the fish using tongs or a spatulah to see if it can be EASILY flipped.

If not, leave it in the pan and after another minute test it again.

The fish will tell you when it’s ready to be flipped.

If it’s releasin’ from the pan easily, then it’s ready.

Why so adamant? Well, this will ensure you get a nice, crispy skin and will also make your pan cleanin’ easier.

Once flipped cook for 2 to 3 minutes depending on how “done” you like your Salmon.

I’m a “Medium to Rare” kinda Salmon girl.

You’ll notice in the pictures that I have placed my 5 Star Salmon on a bed of sauteed Onions, Mushrooms and Spinach.

My mouth is watering just typin’ about it!!


Until Next Time…..

Train Hard and Keep Your Fork Lifts Clean!!


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