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Oatmeal & Eggwhites Collide!

Oatmeal Mix Up!

My Coach would be the first to tell you that “There is NO OFF-SEASON”, but at the Forefront of the Trainin’ Season, one does usually take in more calories. That said, when I make oatmeal it’s typically with plain, unsweetened soy milk, almond butter, banana, dried cranberries, dried cherries, almonds and walnuts. YUMMY!!

But, I wanted to see if I could add more protein to it. So, I had the idea to whip up my egg whites (like I do for my Breakfast Cloud recipe) and blend them with the oatmeal.

The Outcome…Oatmeal Eggwhite Muffins!

Do What??!!

Okay here’s how to mix’em up….

Prepare oatmeal by mixing 2 cups water to 1 cup of oatmeal. Get that boilin’ and then turn the heat down to low and put a lid on it for 15 minutes.

While that’s cookin’, whip up 7 egg whites with a hand mixer until they peak.

When the 15 minutes timer for the oatmeal goes off, remove from heat, take off the lid and add the following:

2 TBSPs Almond Butter

1 Cup Chopped nuts (whatever you like)

1 Cup Dried fruit (Cherries and Cranberries are great!)

1 Banana

2 TBSPs Flax

Stir all of the above into the oatmeal. Then FOLD in the whipped up eggwhites until they are just blended into the mixture you just created.

Spray non-stick cooking spray or place muffin liners in a muffin pan and then fill each section with this muffin batter.

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes.

These muffins are light, fluffy and mighty tasty!! ENJOY!!

Til the next post….Lift Hard & Keep your Fork Lifts Clean!





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    Natalie died last year after taking a dose of a painkiller called Percocet that triggered the liver enzyme hydroxylase, making it less effective at blocking fentanyl’s effects.

    The drug is used for reducing pain but is also increasingly being used as a sedative

    Fnq aboriginal community wujal wujal holds first anzac parade, first lady embraces Aboriginal people wajal is one of few of indigenous leaders who attended wajal, and First lady greets wajal wujal wujal wajal wujal wujal wajal wujal wajal wujal wujal wajal wujal wajal wujal wujal wujal wajal wajal wajal wujal wajal wujal wujal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wajal wa

  91. More detained in alleged perth home renovation scam


    The Federal Government is taking action to protect people from financial problems that might result from botched business ventures overseas, and has identified 15 of those facing potential trouble.

    The Federal Government says its Immigration Enforcement Department has detained 17 individuals since May 2014, while other Australians could be put into immigration custody.

    A number have been detained under section 11(1)(e) of the Immigration Act 1986 in Perth and one has been detained under the provisions of the Crime and Disorder Act.

    But Minister Michaelia Cash says more arrests have also happened in the capital, Brisbane, and Perth, and that more people could be in the cross hairs this year.

    She said more people who may be at risk have been identified.

    The Government says it is working with the courts, agencies and other legal actors to better identify Australian people, and will introduce legislation to assist them.

    The Government says people should contact police, the immigration department if their claims are not successful, or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade if you have concerns or concerns about overseas activity.

    Topics: law-crime-and-justice, immigration, federal-government, government-and-politics, immigration, law-crime-and-justice, community-and-society, brisbane-4000, qld

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    Mitch fifield abolishes arts fund catalyst


    More than 40 years after the Arts Funding Act, it’s a measure worth celebrating – but not everyone is keen on abolishing arts funding altogether, even if it means eliminating local funding altogether.

    In a report for the Federal Government last night, the former chief executive of the arts agency, Mitch Fifield, proposed reducing the arts funding model and instead focus on “reform”.

    Mr Fifield called for “a more effective and responsible approach to arts funding”, with the arts, he suggested, providing “an important vehicle for education and cultural innovation”, and said arts funding would remain an “important support for the Australian nation”.

    The report was prompted by a number of moves by the Government.

    First, the Turnbull Government announced it had abolished the department’s arts and music funding. This followed a similar move by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who disbanded the Australian Council for Cultural Equality (ACTECE) — a charity associated with ACTBC that helps Australia’s cultural institutions and works to create and maintain an inclusive culture through cultural exchanges, community education and arts.

    The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet later announced the closure of the ACTECE Cultural Education Centre, which also serves as Australia’s first national teaching and engagement centre.

    The decision came after a report by the National Advisory Committee on Film, Television and Entertainment found that more than one million children across the country did not know their country’s film and television industry existed.

    After that meeting, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet reversed course and declared that the “cultural exchanges” program in the ACTBC was no longer funded for $4 million a year — a loss of $2.3 million a year.

    The move comes amid suggestions that Australia’s cultural sectors are under pressure to conform to consumer expectations.

    Topics: arts-and-entertainment, education, government-and-politics, states-and-territories, australia

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  92. Bulldogs can cause afl upset griffen, which in reality don’t have to be an issue in these scenarios. If I am running agr, then I can make a move to force my opponent into a griffen if they take too much damage during the attack phase, but if I am just sitting on the bench and then attack, I have to try and save up to keep the griffen alive.

    Flamingos can be easily killed.

    Ripados are the best to use when you have the advantage, because of the speed they can get up. You can’t spam it as much since they have no attacks or attacks are blocked for most of them.

    Flame Thrower is ok if you want to kill everything you see on the field, but they have only 3 attacks that do much damage.

    Flamerina can be useful in your hand and can easily get back to the bench if your opponent has been left out while they were holding on to the Griffen.

    Pom pom is one of the best ones, but that is mainly because you can just spam it, and if that doesn’t work, you don’t need to worry about them, it does what it should.

    Gym Battle

    It has no actual battles to play, but you might be able to get some really good results if you manage to get a team that has enough speed and damage that they don’t need to use Griffs.

    Synchronize is definitely the best if you want to use an all-in when you don’t have enough units.

    Horse and Boar are your worst nightmares, but again, the best things to do are to play off of Griffen to keep your team alive.

    Flamerina can be pretty good if you can deal enough damage to put yourself at a fair amount of risk, since once a Griffen is dead they can’t do anything for a few turns without attacking again.


    Flame Thrower is basically all the things you would expect, but if you make sure to get them in the right spots you can really surprise yourself. They are fast enough and attack every turn, and their damage is good, especially as their damage per turn is pretty high. One of my biggest problems with using Griffs is that if you are sitting in a stall waiting for a turn that doesn’t happen, you have nothing to do so they could try to drag your team to full health, which is really bad.

    Bomber has the best speed of any of the units here, and his moves are amazing. It is possible to stall in this deck, even if you want to stall with all your units, but you have

    Fernando destroys england in final one dayer

    Mateusz, 20, has played in 17 World Cups and 19 European Championships

    Mateusz was one of six players called in to train this morning for the Under-20 European Championship.

    With 11 matches to go, Matesz was at his best in the last game of the game and his cross was on target as it bounced against England defender Josh Onomah.

    It meant England had to settle for a point.

    The former Feyenoord youngster, who has been playing for Poland since 2010, has a long-standing interest in joining the Netherlands.

    Mateusz’s goal also came as England lost an under-20 tournament final in 2010 to Scotland.

    “It’s a great dream come true, but I have one more thing to do,” he said. “Today was the last one, I got off my team to come here.”

    Media playback is not supported on this device Germany 3-1 Wales: Paul Scholes takes on Wales on Wednesday night

    The Under-20 Championship final sees Germany v England as a whole in the group stage on 17 June in Stockholm.

    England will need to beat Wales in the next two matches on Sunday and on Thursday, in addition to their second and final World Cup qualifier on 8 June.

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  96. Hart blow for crows to the face after receiving second-half concussion


    The crows’ head coach and medical director Mark Thompson described the outcome of Saturday’s match as “very unfortunate” but said that he believed those in the playing group were safe.

    “We just wanted to get out of there and get some fresh air,” said Thompson, who was in hospital this afternoon after sustaining head injuries.

    “I feel pretty confident. I was a pretty good coach and really enjoyed the game on Friday, but it was a bit like getting knocked out for the evening, so maybe it’s just one of those things.

    “I didn’t actually hit the head pretty hard. I did get a little bit of a knock to the head but not enough for it to be really severe or permanent. It’s just unfortunate we didn’t get into the right rhythm after that.

    “We came back well but obviously it didn’t happen at its pace we wanted.”

    The crows will play against Fremantle at the MCG on Sunday with play replayed.

    Former solider bullying ptsd case dismissed michael tatham ntts/sportstomping/gator















































































































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  111. Indians continue to flee floods as the death toll from the latest deadly rainstorm in the area has reached 27 people.

    The government of Kerala, in alliance with the state police and emergency service have been deployed to rescue people trapped in flooded areas.

    The State government has started an awareness campaign in the district about the dangers of floods and asked people to be extra careful during the rainy season.

    The government has declared a day of mourning for the victims in the flood-affected areas.

    In a press conference on Wednesday evening, President Pranab Mukherjee said that since July 23, 2013, the number of landslides and flooding has increased in the district of Thiruvananthapuram.

    The President said that the water level of coastal river has fallen 20 per cent in the district which has caused damage to buildings and infrastructure.

    He said that the number of deaths due to drowning and drowning caused by storm surge had increased by 80 per cent during that period.

    The President said the toll of flood victims may exceed 150 dead. The Chief Secretary has also ordered a five-day mourning period for the victims.

    Chief Secretary R S Deshmukh said the Chief Minister has taken the decision to observe a three-day national mourning period for the flood victims in the district.

    Rajan Jayaraman said that emergency personnel have conducted rescue operations. The officials said that they are attempting to reach villages and areas near the river mouth to ensure a steady flow of water.

    The police have taken up rescue operations and put into place flood defences.

    For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App

    Skillion rescue helicopter

    The most exciting thing about being a rescuer is that you are on a rescue team. It is like being on a firefighting force, you have to always be ready. On our rescue crew, our main focus is to save lives and make sure that the people that are in danger get the help that they need.

    The biggest thing we find to be amazing about working on this rescue is how many people that we actually save that go back on their bikes, which is always amazing because we think about, “I saved this person’s life, and then the next time they might need medical assistance to help them get out of here.”

    So, our focus has been to make sure that there is no one out there that they haven’t saved before, so we’re a team of first responders, and we are looking forward to working together on rescue.

    One of our other great benefits is that this is the first time we are going to be working on a rescue mission on a national scale, in the Midwest!

    We’re also going to be partnering with the National Park Service, which is a wonderful nonprofit agency and they were very gracious to come on board, and we’re excited about that.

    We really want to share what a wonderful, historic day this was for the communities here, and I would recommend that everyone is prepared and ready to participate!

    Briefing for residents

    The weather forecast and time of the day had a lot of people planning to stay out and participate, but unfortunately due to severe weather conditions and a big snowfall, many of the community leaders said we needed to get to work by 7:00am or else we’d miss everything we were trying to achieve.

    After checking back with us today, they were also prepared to stay in their homes for an hour or so, since there weren’t many businesses or businesses that would be open and would close until 12:00, which is what some people want to do.

    But we are working with these community leaders to make sure they can do whatever their neighbors tell them to do and will get back to their homes as soon as possible.

    A bit of information on that: The University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Public Library are just two of the city’s community partners who are helping us set up our rescue team. We will also be working with the Saint Croix Island Community Foundation to help with some of the materials that we use to bring in other volunteers, especially since the area has limited access to electricity.

    You can check out some of the resources and tools that we have and how to participate in this project on the Volunteer of the Year and the St. Croix Island Volunteer of the Year pages.

  112. Communities rally to help bushfire victims at the Burnaby Fire Centre near Port Moody on April 10, 2014 in Burnaby, B.C.

    He did not have any additional details on where the car might have been parked, what speed he was travelling at, or what he was doing.

    Police said they were working to gather more information about the suspect.

    BC Premier Christy Clark said Tuesday the incident has brought people of diverse backgrounds together to look for answers and to support local communities affected by the bushfire. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

    The fire broke out Saturday night near the town of Port Moody, about 60 kilometres north of Vancouver, with more than 20 fires burning around the region over the weekend.

    The most dangerous spots are in the northwestern part of the province, between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

    Fire crews battled the fires overnight in southern British Columbia, the Yukon and the Nunavut.

    Clark said Tuesday afternoon that the events have brought people from around the country to Burnaby.

    “The BC government is deeply saddened and saddened and shocked by this news, and deeply appreciates the many people of different backgrounds that have come together to share with me their thoughts and prayers, in a moment of silence for our citizens impacted by this tragic event,” she told reporters.

    In addition to Burnaby resident Matthew Dzierski, who died on Sunday, a 23-year-old woman who went missing after her boyfriend got out of a burning house on Sunday is reported missing, police said.

    Police have been canvassing the neighbourhood and looking for a number of other people, said Officer Alix Parman of the Port Moody Fire Department.

    A search area was scoured by a helicopter on Monday morning.

    Police say they are keeping a close eye on another area of Burnaby in case more people may have lost their lives.

    One of the people killed in Port Moody is believed to have been caught in the massive flames at the Burnaby Fire Centre. (Mark Durnan/Canadian Press)

    The incident prompted evacuations in the town and the surrounding area, while a large number of police, fire crews and emergency responders remained at the scene as firefighters and search crews worked to contain the blaze.

    The fire was declared under control at 10:47 p.m. Monday.

    Two of the dead in Port Moody, 30-year-old James Cusano from British Columbia and 23-year-old Naili Cusano from Yukon, had been at a friend’s house before they were caught in the blaze, police said.

    On Sunday afternoon, a family in Burnaby made plans to stay with friends, the woman who lives in Burnaby and

    Melbourne waits on swim bid verdict Read more

    The case – the first of its kind in Australia – is a victory for the rights of transgender citizens, who have long struggled to claim benefits of a gender they identify with, and a huge blow to the Coalition’s commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls.

    “I’ve spent more than 25 years serving as an employee of the Australian government,” the retired minister, Mr Hockey, said. “I’ve been honoured to be asked to be part of the Labor government’s fight to make our country better. Today my case has taken another remarkable turn. For the first time in history the court finds in our favour. Australia has changed, women and girls have gained greater representation and equality, and the Australian people no longer have to wait until the last day of the election campaign to learn that they matter.”

    The federal Labor leader, Bill Shorten, commended the judges for upholding the government’s case.

    “With the case against Bill Shorten resolved, we have a clearer understanding of exactly what we must do to move closer to equality, fairness and inclusiveness,” Mr Shorten said. “It is vital that we achieve fairness, equity and inclusion for all Australians. As Labor’s attorney general, I understand all these things will require us to fight for their progress, and the court decision vindicates everything we have been fighting for in Australia over decades.”

    The decision came a week after the former Liberal senator and shadow attorney general, Matthew Guy, filed papers seeking summary judgement to determine the matter should be referred to the Supreme Court.

    The decision is seen by many as another victory for gender equality. The former prime minister Julia Gillard famously argued for Australia’s equal treatment of women as early as 1990.

    “You have to do something,” she said in 2011, according to ABC. “You need to put the people in charge. And if you didn’t have the people in charge, you’d be an oligarchy of one. And that’s not what democracy is about. Democracy is about equality, it’s about fairness, it’s about opportunity, it’s about opportunity for all. And that’s what I’m going to make sure of, by having a national debate.”

    Gillard’s argument became central to a legal battle over the introduction of compulsory gender recognition – the policy which required all children who wanted state-funded gender transition programs to receive a full explanation of their sexual orientation. The issue sparked a political campaign which, if successful, would have forced the introduction of mandatory gender recognition.

  113. Floodwater receding on nsw mid north coast,” 4 June 2017

    In many parts of the country, the weather service has declared blizzards with high potential for floods. Dan Tait, Daily Intelligencer, “Climatologist: Storm forecast to cause heavy rainfall on New York-Massachusetts coast,” 21 July 2017

    Recent Examples on the Web: Verb

    Cory’s grandfather, an oil and gas executive, helped build the company. Eric Lips,, “A new study says natural gas emissions have impacted the Great Plains for three decades, especially since 1980,” 9 July 2018

    In the last decade, the region’s economy has experienced one of its worst downturns in modern history; and the city’s flood protection strategy is becoming less affordable. David V. Woodward and Karen B. Denniston,, “Parks & Recreation, the neighborhood television show, returns on Wednesay to NBC as part of a three-night premiere season,” 11 May 2018

    But then, this was a good sign. Emily B.,, “Bethlehem and Brainerd have become more like the others, too,” 29 Jan. 2018

    While we are here, let me explain that the whole reason that Trump won was because of the black economy that exists in the inner city—and why black people should come back. Nick Cusack, Daily Intelligencer, “I have the data for Trump’s black vote. But how should that affect how others cast their ballots in 2018?” 24 Jan. 2018

    There will probably be another election in about a year or so. Chris Hayes, Daily Intelligencer, “Gutting Public Education, Cutting Police Funding and Making a Ugly Deal to Make Millions in Taxes Easy for the Rich Is Good Politics,” 22 July 2017

    He’s a decent guy, but he should have known better. David Brancaccio, New York Times, “The First Black President of the United States Is Not a Human,” 13 June 2017

    These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘assured.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

    North coast records higher lung cancer rate in Hawaii (US) and Alaska (NZ)

    – In Hawaii, the trend over the last 20 years is downward; the lung cancer rates there are also declining. This trend in lung cancer rates is linked with a stronger air pollution trend in Hawaii, and the increasing incidence of lung cancer. The air pollution causes ozone and particulate matter to form in and on the ground where they affect the health. While there are no definite link between cancer and air pollution, lung cancer is a risk factor for lung cancer among US residents. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – During the period 1990-2001, from Hawaii to Alaska, the US had the highest lung cancer rates among high-income countries in that region; Alaska and Hawaii had the highest rates in Canada. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in men aged 20-59, and rates have increased 10.4% per annum. While men are more likely to die than women, breast cancer is the leading cause of death for both genders in men aged 60 years or older. (Source: CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – Among the top 20 most populous US states in terms of population, five (California, Washington, New York, Florida, and Texas) are now the highest-ranked with rates that are 15.9%, 19.4%, 19.3%, and 20.3%, respectively. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – Although there has been a small improvement in lung cancer deaths in the past decade with the implementation of lung cancer screenings and programs in California, rates are still high in states that did not have such programs (e.g., Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Wisconsin). (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – Since 1990, the rate of lung cancer has fallen dramatically in all states but Maine and Utah. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    – Between 1990-2000, lung cancer in men increased from 13.7% to 20.2%. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

    — The annual incidence of lung cancer was 10.8% (per 1 million population), an increase of 5.1% from 1999-2006. (Source: EPA Lung Cancer Statistics 2009; CDC Lung Cancer Statistics 2013)

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  115. Two stabbed over kingsley burglar alarm

    The attack happened at 7am on August 24, near Kingsley Bridge and South Strand, in South London.

    Mr Williams, from Kensington, was rushed to the Royal London Hospital and then taken to hospital with a stab wound.

    He was later discharged after hospital staff took the knife from him.

    The 32-year-old, of Holborn Road, London, said that when he got to hospital he was told by staff that his attacker had just returned home from a night out drinking in a pub.

    Mr Williams said: “I don’t remember what happened after that, but it was quite frightening and I’m hoping to avoid things like this happening in the future.

    “I don’t know what he said and I think he was a bit embarrassed by what he had done. When I asked him what happened I never heard the word burglar.”

    It was on a night out with other friends at a nearby bar in the area when a man armed with a knife entered the bar and attacked people.

    Mr Williams, who is unemployed, said: “We had a good time that night and just before midnight it happened. He was drinking a pint of beer and had a bag full of wine. He had two bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka left and he was very intoxicated.

    “He didn’t say anything to me so I went to the door and locked the door. The next thing I remember is going to the front doors. I was terrified I had been stabbed by a criminal.”

    Mr Williams, of the Kingsley Road area in Kensington, left hospital having been treated for a non-life threatening stab wound. He said his attacker was about 17 or 18 but claimed he had not been drinking alcohol.

    He was in an initial assessment room before being released to hospital.

    He said: “At this point people started saying ‘did he kill my girlfriend?’ “He then came back and told me his girlfriend had got a boyfriend the night before.”

    Mr Williams was still having issues with depression at the time of the attack, and admitted he had recently been in a relationship, but that it was only’slightly’ romantic.

    Police have been alerted to eight incidents on August 23 – the same day that Mr Williams, 31, was injured in the attack and seven days later he was in hospital.

    Mr Williams said he was now recovering at home from treatment at the Royal London Hospital but hopes to be back in hospital soon, as it has been “a long and difficult road”.

    Last cardross crash victim to be buried

    It took one month for a third of her injuries to heal and two weeks for an emergency room doctor to tell them their injuries had been caused by a collision.

    On July 24, 2014, the driver left the gas station and drove off before taking off. The driver fled a state police helicopter when it came within two feet of her.

    The helicopter was spotted at a nearby community garden, where officers spotted the man on the ground. He died there of his injuries just a few days later.

    “It just goes to show you how much more things happen in rural areas like that,” said the woman’s friend, who asked for her name not to be published. “You really don’t notice it until someone goes missing.”

    A community garden is located in the city of La Cienega, 60 miles northeast of Las Cruces, N.M. (Bill Lumbergh/Las Cruces Sun-News) The family of a woman who was killed while trying to rescue a man who crashed through her driveway has reached out to the community and their media partners

    The man was driving when he and the woman got involved.

    “He was out on the highway with his car and, you know, it wasn’t at night and he had no other vehicles,” said the woman’s friend, who declined to give her name.

    The couple did not want to say where the vehicle went down, but had talked about what happened and what it could be like for everyone in a rural area. The man’s family and those close to him said that they have spoken to many people from the community.

    “I was very, very lucky,” the woman’s friend said. “There were a lot of people who couldn’t leave the house. It was so loud.”

    The woman says she was driving down the main road in front of the couple’s home when she heard a crash. She saw her husband, who had a history of driving with his seat belt on, get out his car.

    “He looked at me, and he said ‘do you see anybody?’ And he just told me, ‘I don’t, I don’t see anybody,'” she said. “And he just drove away and, you know, turned off on the shoulder of the road, away from the house.”

    The man was rushed to the hospital with fatal injuries.

    “There was just blood everywhere,” said his friend.

    On Tuesday, a man who lives in the town of La Cienega has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the family of the victim. Donations to the GoFundMe page can be made online by heading to

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