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Extreme Challenges Made Easy(er)…

Embrace the Process!

Have you ever heard the expression “Get out of Your Own Way”?  Too often people approach goals with a crippling mindset from the get-go and as a result increase the difficulty of the challenge they set for themselves. A mountain climber wouldn’t train to climb a mountain and then on the day of the climb add 500LBs to their backpack.  Not only is placing negative thoughts within the mind the equivalent of “adding 500lbs to the backpack”, instantaneously increasing the severity of the challenge, this kind of negativity sabotages success.image

Obviously, a challenge to accomplish something for the first time, or change behaviors will push the individual out of their Comfort Zone, hence the term “Challenge”. So, yes, there should be an established level of difficulty, which in actuality begins as the “Motivator” to pursue the goal. Moving forward the individual should take the first step in their Plan of achieving the desired outcome and in order to “get out of their own way”, adopt the mentality to “Embrace the Process”.

Ease Into It & Make It Fun!

The moment the mind is set to “Embrace the Process” the level of difficulty becomes less severe. Accepting rather than fighting the necessary steps to achieve success will make the “Challenge” more enjoyable, thus in a sense simplify the task at hand. Attacking the Challenge with the attitude that this will be Fun and result in a Positive Change is a sure fire way to reach success, not just one time, but Every Time a goal is set!

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