MoJoTiVatioN® - Positive Power is passionate about bringing Positive Impact to the world.

What better way to work toward this end than through Shared Strength; assisting others, whether it be teams or individuals, in formulating a unique plan to attain their specific goals.

Do you have a goal in mind, but are having difficulty formulating the plan to achieve success? Whether it's physical, spiritual, or business related MoJoTiVatioN® - Positive Power is ready to serve as your Coach assisting you in designing your plan, encouraging you to embrace the process, offering insights to maintain your motivation and developing actionable accountability measures to solidify the achievement of your desired outcome.

MoJoTiVatioN® looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you and/or your team. For more information and to schedule a FREE initial consultation email SutterGirl at