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Thanks Hollywood!!

My Dream Team teammate “Hollywood” totally inspired this concoction! Many thanks to her for introducin’ me to a NEW….EASY!!!…way to prepare Chicken!!

The How To…Low & Slow!

Get ready to Rock your Croc Pot y’all! Doesn’t get any easier than this!!

If you are a bodybuilder in the midst of leanin’ down, your gonna want to measure out your raw chicken portions and then just dump’em into the Croc Pot.

Add whatever seasoning blend (no salt) that you desire to add the flavah you wanna savah on this soon to be mouth waterin’ bird!

Throw the blend all over the raw chicken that is now in your Croc Pot.

Turn the Croc Pot on LOW and leave it alone for 8 plus hours. That’s it!

Well…there’s a couple ways to finish off this bird once it’s done cookin’….

Portion Control Method

Again, if portion control is essential to your leanin’ down process, then simply pull each portion out, keeping it in it’s whole form….note it may fall apart as you stick your fork into the cooked chicken, but do your best to transfer it in the portion sizes to your container for storage.

Once in the container, add some of the chicken broth that formed while cookin’ in the Croc Pot, and then you can pull it apart so it shreds up into a Pulled Chicken BBQ style and add sugar free BBQ sauce to it.

Mass Method

After chicken has cooked for the 8 plus hours, take off the Croc Pot lid and get two forks. Use the forks to shred the chicken up. The chicken will literally fall apart! This will allow all of the Chicken Broth to be saturated throughout all of the chicken that was cooked – distributing the seasonings you added to begin with throughout. Add Sugar Free BBQ Sauce – IF – you want to make the whole recipe into Pulled Chicken BBQ. (You may have some other plans in mind…like TACOS!!)

Cole Slaw

What goes better with BBQ of any kind than SLAW Y’all??!!!

Clean Cole Slaw is DELICIOUS!

Simply cut up some green cabbage and red cabbage, jicama (hi-KAH-ma), onion, tomatillos (TO-MAH-TEE-YOs) add some celery seed, coarse ground pepper, some vinegar and you’re done!

The longer it sets (in the refrigerator) the better this slaw gets (keeps up to 3 weeks).

BBQ Sandwich!

If you are havin’ a meal that allows a carb….I would strongly suggest adding an Ezkiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin to this BBQ Party!

Split the English Muffin in half, throw on some of the Pulled Chicken BBQ on one half of the english muffin, add cole slaw and top with the other half of the english muffin and you’ve got an AMAZIN’ Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich that’s gonna make your taste buds sing a HAPPY Country Song!! ;o)

Til the next post….Lift Hard & Keep your Fork Lifts Clean! ;o)


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Motivation – A Study…

The Start


Typically when any of these word tenses are used it implies a “Newness” factor. If that is in fact the case, then that signifies “Change”. While most humans are all about NEW, there are many whom abhor CHANGE.

After all, something NEW is viewed as BETTER, COOLER and more EXCITING. Whereas CHANGE signifies something that was in the works, or happening for a long time must STOP. VERY UNCOOL to most.

But why??!! If whatever IT is Changes won’t it be considered NEW? And if IT is now NEW aren’t the chances of it being BETTER, COOLER & more EXCITING greater than if IT remained the same? I would propose that with some changes the first required change is the personal perspective on what is changing.

Okay, so back to The Start. In order to Start motion, action must come into play. And while a goal, completion and / or finish line may be the ultimate goal, that should NOT be the main focus at the Start. The first focus is beginning, moving toward the next step or milestone on the path then the next step, and then the next, and so forth and so on. Basically breaking down the Process of Change into smaller segments to simplify the task at hand to avoid becoming OVERWHELMED.

Usually when someone looks at the BIG GOAL all at once it conjures up a feeling that IT has to be achieved in one fell swoop. This perspective can cause “Purpose Paralysis” and spells FAILURE because the person feels doomed from the Start and therefore fails to Move.

A successful start on a Path to Newness begins with just that…mapping out a path to follow that breaks down the Process of Change into simplified segments and generates a sense of Easier (versus Harder). Don’t get me wrong, the Goal may require extreme effort to achieve, but when viewed in parts versus Totality will avoid making IT seem insurmountable.

And if that doesn’t work, one can always rely on the saying that “It only takes 21 days to change a habit.”….Less than a month!! And there’s only 12 of those in 1 year!!! (See how to Break IT Down ;0) )

Step One – Take the First Step on the Path. Keep Moving toward Success and it will be that much closer to achieving!!!

STAY TUNED…..Motivation A Study PART II will be posted in the Near Future!!

Until Then….

Stay Strong & Share Your Strength!!







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Oatmeal & Eggwhites Collide!

Oatmeal Mix Up!

My Coach would be the first to tell you that “There is NO OFF-SEASON”, but at the Forefront of the Trainin’ Season, one does usually take in more calories. That said, when I make oatmeal it’s typically with plain, unsweetened soy milk, almond butter, banana, dried cranberries, dried cherries, almonds and walnuts. YUMMY!!

But, I wanted to see if I could add more protein to it. So, I had the idea to whip up my egg whites (like I do for my Breakfast Cloud recipe) and blend them with the oatmeal.

The Outcome…Oatmeal Eggwhite Muffins!

Do What??!!

Okay here’s how to mix’em up….

Prepare oatmeal by mixing 2 cups water to 1 cup of oatmeal. Get that boilin’ and then turn the heat down to low and put a lid on it for 15 minutes.

While that’s cookin’, whip up 7 egg whites with a hand mixer until they peak.

When the 15 minutes timer for the oatmeal goes off, remove from heat, take off the lid and add the following:

2 TBSPs Almond Butter

1 Cup Chopped nuts (whatever you like)

1 Cup Dried fruit (Cherries and Cranberries are great!)

1 Banana

2 TBSPs Flax

Stir all of the above into the oatmeal. Then FOLD in the whipped up eggwhites until they are just blended into the mixture you just created.

Spray non-stick cooking spray or place muffin liners in a muffin pan and then fill each section with this muffin batter.

Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes.

These muffins are light, fluffy and mighty tasty!! ENJOY!!

Til the next post….Lift Hard & Keep your Fork Lifts Clean!





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Blog Beginnings – Chisel Challenge 2010 (on WordPress)

And it Began…….

Okay… case y’all were wonderin’…here’s a little background on how my desire to Blog came about. I’ve been into “Fitness” for a number of years…..ever since I started Jazzercise® my senior year at Clemson (1992) – ya know tryin’ to shed those excess college girl pounds so I could present my best “self” as I jumped on the career path. My first Fitness Mentor worked with me to site current health screening information and monitor the improvement from a physical fitness standpoint, nutrition and basic medical perspective. A very good overall learning experience regarding the relationship between the three categories.

Post Clemson I moved to the metropolis of Clinton, SC – the commencement of my career – I lived across the street from the YMCA where I kept up my workout routine. It was there that I met my second Fitness Mentor whom encouraged me to get a Group Fitness Instructor Certification, which I did, with the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) back in 1993.

It was at this point that my appreciation for bodybuilding began. I tucked that intrigue into the back of my mind until 2010.

A NEW Appreciation Becomes Inspiration…

A a few months after graduating from my Masters Program in 2007, I took a celebratory trip to the beautiful land of India, but unfortunately upon my return to the States, was hospitalized for 15 days with an undiagnosed illness. The recovery time took about two years and I spent the third year rebuilding my fitness level. As I regained my stamina, I also gained a New Appreciation for the gift of HEALTH!

This New Appreciation led to the inspiration of training for the New York Marathon, but when I did not gain entry into the event via the Lottery, I decided to put my intrigue of the sport of Body Building into action. A friend of mine’s brother who competes in Body Building gave me Marie Ann Newman’s (IFBB Professional Figure Competitor / Fitness Model) information. I e-mailed her, we scheduled an appointment to meet face to face to discuss the possibilities / potential, I attended a show as per her recommendation, after which we determined that Women’s Body Building was the best category for my physique, and as of June 21, 2010 I became a proud member of the Custom Fitness DREAM TEAM!!

The Next step was booking a competition on my calendar and beginning the Training Journey. All sights became set on a September 18, 2010 competition…giving me 13 weeks to train. This was basically enough time to reveal the muscle I had, as opposed to building more lean muscle mass.

Since this was a NEW JOURNEY for me, I thought it would be cool to have folks join me throughout the whole experience and thus my  “Chisel Challenge – One Woman Defined” blog hit the internet!

A year later I was Divinely Inspired with the MoJoTiVatioN® biz concept, but at the time was unaware that I could have set up the MoJoTiVatioN® website using WordPress® as well. So, I purchased my domain name and built the website on GoDaddy®. When I decided to totally overhaul the MoJoTiVatioN® website at the tail end of 2016, I discovered that WordPress® had joined forces with GoDaddy® and have now consolidated the Main Website, Shop and Blog!! In other words, folks can simply type in and have access to all three components via the main website Home Page tabs.

That said, older Posts are still accessible via Open invitation to read or re-read them over there until I “bring’em” over here!

I appreciate y’all reading this condensed version of the story and look forward to y’all traveling with me as the MoJoTiVatioN® Journey continues!!

Stay Strong & Share Your Strength!


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Vegetarian Lasagna (Or Not)

The Garden



Yellow Squash



Red Bell Pepper

Tomato (Puree)



Basil (Fresh big leaves)

The Spice Rack




White Pepper

The Layers

The vegetables will act the part of lasagna noodles. Slice the Eggplant, Zucchini and Yellow Squash all lengthwise approximately 1/8th of an inch thick. To add another dimension of flavor, season the slices with olive oil, coarse salt, pepper and grill.

While the veggie layers are grillin’, chop the onion, dice the garlic and saute them in olive oil. Once the onion and garlic begin to sweat and become translucent, add the tomato puree, oregano, coarse salt and white pepper.

The Layers

The base layer (and stabilizing part of layers) will be the Eggplant. Building up from there, layer the zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, mushrooms and a portion of the tomato puree mixture. Then repeat – Eggplant, zucchini, etc. The final (top) layer will be Eggplant.

The Heat

Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees and baked for 45 min.

Carnivorous Dish…

My Part-Italian-SutterGirl Self can’t help but add chicken, italian chicken sausage, or fish to this dish!

And….If you’re of the dairy eating kind….dust in some Reggiano Parmesan between layers and on top.

Like any Italian dish, the leftovers only get better!! Mangia, Mangia!!

Til the next post….Lift Hard & Keep your Fork Lifts Clean!



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Quinoa…..Quin-What? (Keen-What)


Quinoa, pronounced, “Keen-wa”, oughta be called QuinWow!!

Though classified as a grain, Quinoa is really a seed packed with some serious POWER!!

For starters it is a COMPLETE Protein source, meaning that it contains all 9 essential amino acids! Quinoa contains a high level of the amino acid Lysine, offering the key function of tissue growth and repair – a critical factor in the Body Building process!

Quinoa Closeup (w/ Diced Grilled Chicken)

Go to the following link to discover more of the benefits this “Gold of the Incas” has to offer:

QuinWow Salad & Mini Pepper Appetizer

Early in the process of my Trainer determining my “Fuel Plan”, I sent him the nutritional facts for Quinoa to see if it could be included in the carbohydrate category. Thankfully the answer was a resounding “YES!”

While I enjoy Quinoa as a stand alone side dish (both hot and cold), I recently mixed it up a bit to add both taste and texture to yet another amazing salad and a super festive appetizer option! Check’em out…..

QuinWoW! Salad

The Groceries:

6 Oz Grilled Chicken

3 Oz Cooked Quinoa

Romaine Lettuce (or Mixed Greens)

Mini Bell Peppers

Pickled Okra (Hot is my preferred, but comes in mild)


The Mix:

Okay, Grill your chicken and season it as you like. I used a Southwest seasoning to spice it up!

Follow the directions on the Quinoa package and cook accordingly. Basically, two parts H2O to one part Quinoa. 1 cup of Quinoa makes several 3 oz servings. It’s great to have the extra already prepared for  future feedings. ;o)

NOTE: Store your package of Quinoa in the freezer. I read that this is really what should be done for all grain / seed / nut items. It will prevent them from going rancid in your cupboard.

I dice up the grilled chicken, blend it with the Quinoa then pour it on top of the lettuce and mini bell peppers and garnish with the pickled okra & salsa. Squeezin’ a little fresh lime juice on it adds a nice fresh citrus flavor.

Mini Pepper Appetizer

This is the prettiest little finger food I ever did see! Use all the same ingredients for the salad described above, just stuff the mini peppers with’em!!

The Assembly

Half and de-seed the mini peppers. Then place a small piece of lettuce in the pepper half, next add the grilled chicken & quinoa mixture, top with a dollop of salsa & a slice of pickled okra and squeeze a little lime if you like. If you’re not a fan of pickled okra (don’t knock it if you ain’t evah tried it!), garnish with a sprig of cilantro to make it FANCY!

The mini pepper functions as the carrier of all the GOODNESS!

Til the next post….Lift Hard & Keep your Fork Lifts Clean!



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It’s OFFICIALLY A January 1st REPEAT Y’all!!!
Yep…another New Year’s Day marks the First Calendar Square …Day 1 of 365…WHOOP! WHOOP! 🎉 One aspect of that statement is Hard to Believe (the whole “Time Flies” vibe…) and yet it’s obviously what all of our minds anticipate EVERY December 31st.

Although New Year’s Day will be the common thought running through our minds, at least between Bowl Games 😜, each of us approaches “The Ne
w Year” in our own unique way. Some will have already mapped out their 2018 Goals using spreadsheets, vision boards, apps, etc. Others will ease into the New Year using January as a month of reflection; assessing what went well in 2017 and how to improve the “opportunity areas”, and then formulate their plan forward to attain the outcomes they envision. No doubt there are unlimited scenarios beyond these two examples.

Beyond “thoughtful” goal setting and planning there’s another accompaniment to New Year Beginnings – Emotions. The New Year can evoke emotions across the Positive / Negative spectrum; Anticipation, Excitement, Joy, Happiness, Fear, Dread, etc.; ANY and ALL of which can dramatically impact our New Year Approach. These varying emotions can be conjured up based on how the previous year ended, or instilled within us by upcoming events already filling time slots on our New Year calendar. Again, these possible emotional influencers are limitless.

Regardless of Our uniquely designed “New Year Approach” and Our individual Emotions accompanying that process, there’s one COMMON dynamic We All share. As obvious and cliché as it sounds, WE can ONLY Live “One Day at a Time”. And for that we should be both THANKFUL and RELIEVED!! It’s great to approach any New Year with an Action Plan to achieve improved outcomes personal, physical, spiritual, team, business, or otherwise, but it’s the Daily Steps taken COLLECTIVELY that will lead to attaining our desired outcome. Ultimately, it’s our DAILY APPROACH that carries the most Impact in achieving Our New Year Plan. Keeping this thought in mind will help to ward off the potential for feeling Overwhelmed and will also assist in keeping ourselves focused and persistent in pursuing our goals for this specific New Year.

My Mom gave me this inspirational quote card years ago…(See Pic Below) ….I’m sharing it here to help keep Us All in a Positive thoughtful and emotional Daily Mindset …

More Posts to come pertaining to 2018 New Year / New You….

Until then…