Staying Strong & Motivated
When training for an event there is usually a defined time frame with specific segments that build up toward performing what amounts to your "Victory Lap". 

You've put in all the hard work preparing for the event. Your performance is the FUN part!

Once the event is over and you've celebrated achieving your goal it's good to take a breather, but you need to start setting your sites on what's next!

This is the time to capitalize on your strength gains to become even stronger!

Sustaining Training
Taking it to the next level sounds great - right, but just like everything else in life it's a balancing act. The last thing you want to happen is Burn Out.

Mix It Up!
Take a fresh look at both your Work Out Plan and your Fuel Plan. Try some NEW approaches with both. Don't be afraid to explore. No doubt you have a baseline from past seasons, so you know what's worked for you, which will keep you from straying off course. Plus a new perspective will provide variety to prevent boredom and will give you improved results.

Remember...your body adapts to every challenge.
Therefore, you have to keep changing the challenge!
Change. Challenge. Change. Challenge.
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