Tear It Down, Build It Up!
No matter if you're training physically, or spiritually, you've got to be broken down to be built stronger, forever undergoing reconstruction.

A Second Concept
This idea got my creative juices flowing and the end result - a second concept - REFURBISHED DENIM™.

Denim could easily be considered indestructible based on its durability. REFURBISHED DENIM™ takes old denim products and converts them, or up-cycles (Refurbishes) them into new products altogether!

The possibilities are endless! A couple examples of MultiUse Cases are pictured, but pocket books, yoga mat totes, napsacks, tablet covers, mp3 cases, etc are some of the items created thus far.

Have an old pair of jeans you want converted? Email your request and the details will be determined.

Under Construction
REFURBISHED DENIM™ is similar to MOJOTIVATION® in that both concepts are "Works In Process", under construction.

Your customer support is THE foundation that will allow both MOJOTIVATION® and REFURBISHED DENIM™ to evolve into amazing brands!

THANK YOU! for visiting this site and for your patronage of the MOJOTIVATION® Store where you will also find REFURBISHED DENIM™ products!


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